Obamacare Bloats the Budget – Don’t Believe Otherwise

Obamacare Bloats the Budget – Don’t Believe Otherwise

Cost, it seems, is one of the Obama administration’s running themes when arguing for the Affordable Health Care Act (you know, the one that’s so affordable that people need help to pay for it).

It’ll reduce the deficit, they say. The federal government will actually save money by implementing a giant, multi-state insurance exchange.

Among all of the bold claims that have been broken – the website would be ready and operational; it would lower health care costs; if people had plans they liked, they would be able to keep them, no exceptions – one really bothers Rand Paul.

He’s the first-term Senator from Kentucky, who quickly made a name for himself by calling out anyone and everyone who makes unsubstantiated claims, regardless of party affiliation.

As he put it: The oft-cited claim that Obamacare will reduce the deficit is a huge whopper.

Lucy McCalmont of Politico writes:

“’They told us that this would pay for itself…But the biggest whopper of all is that Obamacare was going to reduce the deficit. I think it’s going to add trillions of dollars to the deficit,’ [Paul] added.”

I probably don’t need to remind you that the deficit is currently in the trillions. A hefty $17 trillion, to be exact. Good for nearly $150,000 of debt per U.S. taxpayer.

Can you imagine if that number actually increased?

Many people have enough bills to deal with. Between school loans, a mortgage, insurance, auto payments, helping kids with college, groceries, property taxes – I could keep going – people have enough stress balancing their own checkbooks. They shouldn’t have to worry about helping a bloated federal government pay the bills.

Yet that’s where we are. And President Obama and the Obamacare supporters constantly trot out the line that the program will reduce the deficit.

Here’s a question: All of these glitches and issues with the federal government’s website (its own issue, worthy of its own article) have to be fixed. Is that going to be free?

Probably not. So what will that do to the deficit? It most certainly won’t lower it.

There’s so many moving parts, and the federal government has big issues with executing some of the simplest things, you wonder how officials can be so confident in saying Obamacare will lower the deficit.

Their prediction track record isn’t exactly stellar.



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