NSA Spying Program Terminates At End Of Month, But The Fight’s Not Over

NSA Spying Program Terminates At End Of Month, But The Fight’s Not Over

In an apparent victory for civil libertarians and freedom loving peoples everywhere, NSA spying on American phone calls has been severely curtailed. By the end of November, the NSA will be partly reigned in and ending the indiscriminate gathering of telephone metadata.

According to Reuters, the NSA will stop “collecting Americans’ domestic call records in bulk and move to a more targeted system, meeting a legislative deadline imposed earlier this year.” Of course this victory in the war on NSA spying is only the beginning, but it does demonstrate that We The People can still exercise control over our government with enough determined effort and willpower.

This as well as a federal judge’s ruling against the NSA (what Edward Snowden calls a “historic victory”) is of course vindication of Rand Paul’s own common sense views on privacy, civil rights and that whole pesky constitution thing. We see now that government can be curtailed and limited, but that it requires ongoing diligence and effort by concerned citizens.

Rand Paul has long championed the cause of privacy and has been a vocal critic of the NSA from nearly the moment he took office. Indeed, it is a strange luxury of a constitutional republic, where even tyrannical abuses of power are soon brought to the forefront of public debate, and the most hidden secrets of oppressive agencies are revealed by true patriots in their midst. To that end, the NSA has gone from being a secretive, hush-hush agency, to a secretive agency openly mocked and reviled, and we now see that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Indeed, a spy agency that is so secret that it cannot even truly defend itself is nearly worthless. The NSA cowers behind claims of national security and secrecy, and in doing so, leaves itself unable to even truly justify what it does. To admit or reveal the scope of its operations would be the literal end of them, so their illegitimate actions become worthless and even more of an affront to freedom loving Americans. Today we can note that the long road to ending NSA tyranny is shorter and becoming easier to travel.

Rand Paul hates NSA spying, and loves freedom. He has long done his best to make himself an enemy of tyranny and a friend of freedom. Once again, we see his actions and his beliefs are vindicated, and when history examines how Americans took back their government, Rand Paul’s name will figure among that historic undertaking. Is it time to celebrate, or do we have much more work ahead of us, as the NSA is pushed on the defensive? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of EFF Photos, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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