NSA Program Could End This Month If Patriot Act Fails To Renew

NSA Program Could End This Month If Patriot Act Fails To Renew

Republican Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul remains one of the staunchest opponents of anything and everything that doesn’t follow the Constitution. The 2016 presidential hopeful has even threatened to filibuster the Patriot Act if needed.

“We are not going to let them run over us,” Paul told the New Hampshire Union Leader when he announced his plans to filibuster the re-authorization of the Patriot Act. “We are going to make sure the American people know that some of us at least are opposed to unlawful searches.”

When the Patriot Act was renewed in May 2011, Paul was one of only four Republicans who voted “nay”, says The Washington Post. Most Republicans supported the re-authorization vote, with only Dean Heller from Nevada, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Mike Lee from Utah joining Paul in being against it.

It looks unlikely that Paul will be able to count on fellow Republicans like Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, and Senator Marco Rubio, two of Paul’s biggest opponents in the presidential candidacy run, who strongly support the ‘illegal’ NSA program backed by now-expiring provisions in the Patriot Act.

However it looks like the current standoff in Congress could result in “a worst-case scenario for the NSA”, according to The Hill.

“If Congress doesn’t act, the program would end, the White House has said. The NSA would simply stop collecting the records.”

“Within the next week, the Senate has the option of voting on either McConnell’s ‘clean’ extension of the current law for five and a half years, a reform bill called the USA Freedom Act or a short-term reauthorization that extends current law for just two months.”

“It’s unclear whether any of those could get through the chamber, however, given the stark divide on the issue.”

This could mark the end of the NSA’s unconstitutional metadata program. Are you against the renewal of the Patriot Act? Show your support for Rand Paul by sending us a tweet or leaving a comment below.

(Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Nushawg, CC BY 2.0)



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