NSA Lawsuit is Live! We’ll See You in Court Obama Over the Fourth Amendment

NSA Lawsuit is Live! We’ll See You in Court Obama Over the Fourth Amendment

Why is a 227 year old piece of paper still relevant today? The paper may disintegrate and disappear one day but its words have been immortalized into the foundation of our country. The Constitution predates cellphones and the Internet, but we shouldn’t have to ask if the Fourth Amendment still applies. 350,000 Americans are joining Senator Rand Paul and FreedomWorks in a class action lawsuit against the NSA, against mass surveillance, and most importantly against government overreach. Yes, Obama, the NSA lawsuit is finally happening. We’ll see you in court.

“This class action suit isn’t about Republican versus Democrat, or progressive versus conservative. This is about defending the basic civil liberties of every American from a government that has crossed the line,” said Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks. “Never in American history has there been such a warrantless gathering of citizens information. We believe it is time to put this before the courts.” (CNN)

We’ve been hearing about Rand’s potential lawsuit against the NSA for months but now it’s a reality. Not only is Rand taking Obama to court, he’s also targeting the heads of the NSA and FBI as well as the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Larry Klayman, an outspoken legal activist, predicts that Rand’s NSA lawsuit will most likely go to the same judge as his case. If you recall, this judge, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon, is one of the first judges to openly criticize the NSA program for being possibly unconstitutional. If this prediction follows true to course, then Paul’s lawsuit could follow a similar path to Klayman’s thus far successful challenge against the NSA.

So do we still have a Fourth Amendment? That’s a definite YES from Rand and 350,000 Americans.

“When we learned that the NSA was collecting the phone data of every American last June, it posed a serious constitutional question: Do we no longer have a Fourth Amendment?” Paul asked.

“The Fourth Amendment was included in the Constitution precisely to prevent the issuing of general warrants, in which blanket authority is given to government to spy on citizens at will. Individualized suspicion of citizens’ records is precisely the kind of overreach we fought a revolution over. The colonists did not appreciate a British government that would go door-to-door searching anyone and everyone with out probable cause or suspicion.”

“The lesson of the American Revolution was that this should never happen again, and yet the NSA’s data collection program is the modern equivalent of this practice. ….The Constitution is not a negotiable piece of parchment to be ignored or abused at the President’s whim. Washington leaders are expected to obey and protect what they took an oath to uphold.”

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