Notes From the AFP Summit: What The Commander in Chief is NOT Doing About ISIS

Notes From the AFP Summit: What The Commander in Chief is NOT Doing About ISIS

At the 8th annual AFP Summit, Paul addressed the current state of foreign policy. According to Obama, it can simply be summed up as, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Where to go with that soundbite? Well, if we’re simply judging on honesty, attendees at the AFP summit should give Obama a resounding, star-spangled hug. Unfortunately, the AFP summit happened while some seriously horrible things were happening on the planet.

The Islamic State is executing American reporters, Russia is fomenting armed aggression in the Eastern Ukraine. And exactly what is our response? We don’t know? How is this our response when the world is looking to us for leadership?

This has become far too common a response from our administration. Hillary Clinton may have summed it up recently when speaking of Benghazi and trying to isolate the White House from events that unfurled. But I think Paul represented the American public’s thoughts on the matter best:

“If she wants to be commander in chief and she cannot protect our embassies, I don’t think that she could or should be,” Paul said. “I think it precludes her from ever being considered as commander in chief.” (Politico)

This is, perhaps, something people think might be overdone as far as Presidential qualifications go. But it is easy to forget that the President is the Commander in Chief. Thus any presidential candidate must pass not only screenings for the highest office of public, but he also must be qualified to run the most sophisticated army in the world.

I must say, what we’re seeing now is a Russia on a level of aggression we haven’t seen since the 80s. Russia is bull rushing through Ukraine like the modern rules of politics don’t apply. Regardless of party, Americans are beginning to be concerned at what the Russians are actually doing.

One of the vanguards for such attacks are what Americans call frontier states. You’ll not even see Americans blink an eye now, because we take our freedom for granted. But we once stood where Ukraine did. Freedom was far from guaranteed and an external aggressor made daily decisions for us.

The only thing painful now is that we have lost that underdog, freedom loving spirit. If the AFP summit was any sign of the state of democracy, we can at least take comfort it is not dead. But it is under attack. What are your thoughts? Should we defend the seeds of democracy abroad? Tweet and let us know or follow us on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis



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