Not So Fast! Senators Paul And Wyden Say “NO!” To Internet Spying

Not So Fast! Senators Paul And Wyden Say “NO!” To Internet Spying

Internet spying used to be something out of a cheap novel. Now our very own government is trying to undermine the Constitution and spy on normal Americans by bypassing the very system of warrants that is supposed to protect us from such tyranny.

Rand Paul demonstrated true bipartisanship by teaming up with Oregon senator Ron Wyden to help stop FBI internet spying. Together, both liberty-minded men are promoting the Stopping Mass Hacking bill which is intended to reign in government abuse of authority and national security letters.

Earlier, Senator Wyden blocked the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Bill which included as a provision the expanded use of national security letters to undermine the 4th Amendment rights of Americans. The fact that the FBI is desperate to bypass the scrutiny of court issued warrants to search and hack American’s computers and internet history is both horrifying and indicative of a greater problem. Government is drunk on power, and some Americans are willing to give it to them in the dubious name of security and safety, regardless of the effect on liberty.

We can see in the across the aisle partnership between Senators Paul and Wyden that America is pushing back. It is rare to see cooperation between Democrats and Republicans for most anything these days, and to see them work together to reign in government is a beautiful thing. People are waking up to the horrors of big government and the evil abuses it spawns.

We simply cannot permit the goons at the FBI to have warrantless search power. Not only does it fly in the face of the Constitution, it flies in the face of common decency and civilization. Our ancestors did not fight and die for this country, simply to have it destroyed from within by evil men in tailored suits.

While the FBI is fighting for expanded internet spying, Rand Paul and Ron Wyden are fighting for our liberty. It is important to support them, and others just like them in this crucial battle for freedom. We are seeing living proof that the Liberty Vote exists and works, and we need to find 98 more senators just like these two if we wish to take our country back from the back stabbing fiends who control it now. Join us in supporting liberty and freedom, tell your senators that they are to never support the vileness that is warrantless spying. Are we seeing a new dawn of liberty in America as a new breed of politician starts to fill Congress? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Shannon Kringen, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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