No Surprise, Rand Paul Agrees With Mitt Romney On This

No Surprise, Rand Paul Agrees With Mitt Romney On This

2014 is over. It’s still 2 years until 2016, but now that the next election is presidential, the strategic games of our politics mean that contenders are squaring up, as is the world we live in. This means lots of people are flying around the country floating themselves to people in places. Rand Paul was recently in New Hampshire, Nevada and Arizona, meeting with fellow politicians, activists, and voters. Mitt Romney hasn’t given up on his dreams either…

Speaking about Mitt Romney’s intention to run again, Rand Paul had this to say:

A couple of months ago he said that he’d had his chance and it was time for somebody new. He was probably right when he said that. I think we do need somebody and something new,” Paul said. “We had a great 2014 but really a presidential election is a completely different election.” (The Hill)

Paul is part of the anti-establishment, but in this un-perfect world he has an alternative that is being overlooked by the establishment:

“You need a candidate who reaches out to new constituencies and is able to bring new people into the party,” said Paul. “Because if we do the same old, same old candidates, we are going to get the same old result.” (Politico)

Paul’s meeting with activists sparks of an attempt to start a grassroots movement, something similar to the Obama-style campaigns. He is going to need to do so in order to stand against the Democratic party machine which is networked and decentralized. New Hampshire is the first of many meetings and press days. It’s happening again. We need somebody fresh and new…like Senator Rand Paul. Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, or below the line.

Written by Abezier Coppe

(Photo courtesy of Mark Taylor, Flickr CC BY 2.0)




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