No Drones Allowed! Rand Paul Gets Geeky At SXSW

No Drones Allowed! Rand Paul Gets Geeky At SXSW

Rand Paul’s coming to South by Southwest (SXSW) this Sunday but drones won’t be getting any invites to the major tech and music festival. The New York Post reports that there will be a strict no drones policy during SXSW outside of trade show areas.

“Believe me, in the state of Texas folks don’t like drones,” Austin police chief Art Acevedo told KEYE.

There won’t be any free-ranging drones but you can still count on Rand Paul to fly in. He’ll be in Austin during SXSW to discuss the impacts of technology on politics as well as the future of tech policy with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith on Sunday.


Sen. Paul will be attending other public events during the same weekend, including the launch of Liberty Action Texas, according to The Texas Tribune, so if you’re in the area, you’ll have more than one chance to say hello!

The following Monday also marks the opening of a new office in Texas. The Austin office will be run by the recently hired Rachel Kania and Vincent Harris, two political tacticians who have switched from rooting for a Texas senator to a Kentucky presidential contender. Go, Team Rand!

So let me ask, what do you think about the no drones policy at South by Southwest? Comment below or on Facebook. Oh! If you see Rand Paul at SXSW, send a tweet.



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