New Super PAC, Concerned American Voters, to deliver grassroots support for Rand Paul

Senators Call For Passage Of Military Justice Improvement ActJust received the following email from Matt Kibbe, the former President of FreedomWorks. It’s an inspiring, personal message I wanted to share with you.




After considerable reflection, I am resigning as president of FreedomWorks to help Rand Paul become the next president of the United States. This is the biggest, and hardest, decision of my professional life.

Leaving FreedomWorks, my labor of love, is more difficult than you can imagine. Our staff and grassroots community have been Terry’s and my family for over a decade. We have held together in good times and bad. But I leave this responsibility in good hands, and with a sound leadership transition plan. Adam Brandon, with whom I have fought side by side for many years, has already assumed the daily management of FreedomWorks as CEO.

One test of leadership is the ability to replace yourself, and I have done so with Adam. In fact, Adam’s success these last several months made my decision easier.

You see, the GOP has routinely run “the next guy in line” for president, and lost. And, today, many insiders think another Bush is the answer.

I say, never again. That’s why I have joined forces with Jeff Frazee, my wife Terry, and some folks in Silicon Valley to form Concerned American Voters, a SuperPAC that will deliver grassroots votes to elect Rand Paul as our next president.

I know that the FreedomWorks community has several other candidates they are assessing as we go into the 2016 presidential cycle, and the leader of FreedomWorks has a responsibility to work with the entire community of activists, whether they support Rand Paul, or someone else; in the fight for our liberty.

But personally, I believe Rand Paul is the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. Rand is equal parts economic opportunity optimist, anti-Washington populist, and civil libertarian, and polls show Rand already besting Hillary in key battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

This is why I am formally separating myself from FreedomWorks. Personally, I can’t replay 2012. I cannot watch another establishment coronation fail to win the hearts and minds of the American people.

FreedomWorks is just getting started as a disruptive force for change in American politics. They’re doing exciting things, and FreedomWorks will radically transform politics, by empowering tens of millions of Americans in the fight for liberty.

Thank you again for all you have done to support our shared vision of a freer future for everybody. No one ever really leaves FreedomWorks because it’s more than a job… It’s an ethos, a lifetime commitment to show up in defense of our most precious values.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe




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