New Hampshire Voters Think Like Rand Paul, Says GOP Insiders

New Hampshire Voters Think Like Rand Paul, Says GOP Insiders

New Hampshire voters are so important that Harry S. Truman halted his second presidential campaign after losing the primary in New Hampshire in 1952. So why is a state, that is the 42nd in population, so important? Perhaps it can be found in their state’s motto; ‘Live free or die‘.

“When the founders of New Hampshire came up with the motto, ‘Live free or die,’” says Sen. Rand Paul, “they didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. They didn’t clamor to be left half-free. They didn’t whimper to be left half-dead. New Hampshire founders didn’t seek out the mushy middle. They admonished you to live free. A government that takes half of your pay does not leave you free. A government that sifts through your personal records does not leave you free.” (Union Leader)

Or perhaps the reason why New Hampshire voters are given such importance by both the media and future presidential hopefuls, is because their state is the first in the early primaries where candidates can see how well their message appeals to independent voters. With a Republican Party that seems more divided than ever, these independent voters will be essential for the libertarian-leaning Paul in 2016.

It may not be that difficult for Rand to win over New Hampshire, however, according to GOP insiders:

Without trying to raise expectations too high too early for Paul, Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey of Concord and GOP strategist David Carney said New Hampshire Republicans are generally more in line with Paul’s thinking than Iowa caucus-goers or South Carolina voters are.

“There are a lot of folks who aren’t primary activists who are interested in his views,” said Carney. “If he can run a real campaign — and he seems to have a good team here — and if he can raise the resources, he may have the ability to break through, especially if a lot of the competition crumbles. If that happens, Rand Paul will definitely be in the top tier.” (WMUR)

The early primary states have a way of indicating the undercurrent of the nation, and New Hampshire voters no doubt realize just how essential they are to the election process. If Rand Paul wins New Hampshire, he’ll be unstoppable. For more updates on the future President Paul, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

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