Making New Rules: The Vote For Rand Paul That Will Surprise You

Making New Rules: The Vote For Rand Paul That Will Surprise You

Anyone who follows Bill Maher’s New Rules knows this final segment of the show is where he shocks, irritates and amuses viewers with his off-the-cuff observations. But in one shocking revelation that is not a joke, Maher has come out as possibly voting for the GOP in 2016 if Rand Paul runs against Clinton.

In a true show of just how many Americans Paul’s vision has reached, Bill Maher has taken to praising Sen. Rand Paul’s foreign policy. Talk about making new rules! As The Hill recently reported, Maher said:

As I always used to say about his father (former Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul), I love half of him. I love the half of him that has the guts to say we should end the American empire, pull the troops home, stop getting involved in every foreign entanglement. He’s way less of a hawk than Hillary, and that appeals to me a lot because I’m not crazy about how war-like she is.” (The Hill)

Yes, you did read that right. In an odd turnabout, leftist satirist and Democratic pit-bull Maher has called out Clinton for her war-like foreign policies in comparison to Paul. New Rules indeed.

If you’re wondering how this could be, let’s look at Paul’s stance. We’re coming out of a crippling recession. Government spending is at uncontrollable and unsustainable levels. And where are we sending U.S. dollars when our country so desperately needs them at home? We support foreign wars halfway across the globe, policing foreign lands for people who do not want our presence. We send aid to countries where our flag is burned in the streets and people chant for our death.

There is a time and a place for America to stand and act. Paul has never shied from this. As evidence, we’ve reported here on Paul’s response regarding the Islamic State before. But the endless cycle of waste in money and, far more importantly, the lives of our soldiers must stop. In more recent news, in response to the coalition being created to go after the Islamic State, Paul was quick to reiterate where the responsibility lies — with regional Muslim nations:

They have to step up, because frankly they have been allowing too much of this to go on.” (Politico)

So, it may not come as so much of a surprise that people on both sides of the aisles are coming around to Paul’s view. As a nation, we are tired of fighting and it is time to walk away from some of the old ways of our empirical past. It is time to tell ourselves it is alright to put ourselves first sometimes. We have violence at home. We have disease at home. We have poverty at home. So let us invest at home.

As to whether Maher might vote for Paul in 2016? The Cincinnati reported Maher as saying:

I wouldn’t say leaning, but I would say for the first time in a long time, I’d be considering the Republican product,” the comedian said. “I might choose their toothpaste when I’m in the aisle.” (Cincinnati)

Will Bill Maher’s New Rules one day include an endorsement for Paul in 2016? Tell us your thoughts. Send us a tweet or follow us on Facebook to keep track of all current issues.

Written by Mark Davis


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