Lower Taxes & Make Government Smaller! Rand Paul Plans Farewell Party For The IRS

Lower Taxes & Make Government Smaller! Rand Paul Plans Farewell Party For The IRS

So Rand Paul told Glenn Beck he can lower taxes to a 14.5% uber-easy simplified income tax.

A “bare bones system with a single tax rate for employees and their employers, few deductions and loopholes and no payroll tax…. A family of four making $50,000 or less would pay no income tax…” (Policy.Mic)

Whoa! Who wouldn’t love that!? But it’s more than lowering taxes on you, me and the neighbors; it’s lowering taxes on businesses, too.

Wait! What? Lower taxes on Big Business!? Yes! The business of business is Capitalism. It’s made America the world’s economic powerhouse. As Rand points out, losing 70,000 pages of suffocating tax code which disincentives entrepreneurs to business expansion is where real growth will come from. Lower taxes on business will work wonders for our country’s economy by actually creating actual jobs, something Government cannot do regardless how many times “elected officials” say so. Lowering taxes on you, me and the neighbors means keeping more of what we’ve rightfully earned, to spend or save as we see best for ourselves and family.

What a concept!

But what if the Government ran out of money?

So what? That’s the Big Story within The Story! While some candidates may give lip service to lowering taxes and “creating jobs”, only Rand Paul dared to utter the Political Establishment’s Dirty Words: “Smaller Government”, starting with a Farewell Party for the IRS and its 91,000 employees.

Why is this a big deal? Nobody likes income taxes; nobody loves the IRS. But there is a group of our fellow citizens who love the IRS and taxes: Career Politicians! Money is the Mother’s Milk of government growth. Cut off the money and you cut off the powerful political favoritism that creates waste, fiscal irresponsibility and the ginormous government growth that funds dumb and dumber programs like the “Bridge To Nowhere” and our Helium Gas Reserves (you know, in case blimps make a comeback).

Politicians in both parties use the intimidating confiscatory powers of IRS collections, audits and liens to fuel their “Power of the Purse”, not for America’s fiscal benefit but for insurance on their political future. The Pig Book (Citizens Against Government Waste) provides an annual review of political pork on steroids. (Sen. Rand Paul also releases a weekly Waste Report.)

So when Rand Paul talks about lower taxes, elimination of the IRS and smaller government, he’s saying the things Americans want to hear and happen. And now! Why aren’t the other candidates talking about “Smaller Government”, too? Maybe they can’t bring themselves to use those words! Visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


WATCH: Rand Paul Talks To Glenn Beck About Lowering Taxes



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