Loretta Lynch’s Office Collected $113mil From Civil Forfeiture Cases

Loretta Lynch’s Office Collected $113mil From Civil Forfeiture Cases

There’s more than one reason why Sen. Rand Paul isn’t backing Loretta Lynch’s nomination for attorney general. She’s ambiguous about lethal drone strikes against Americans. She’s okay with executive amnesty but, most notably, she really likes civil forfeiture laws.

After all, Loretta Lynch’s office pulled in “more than $113 million in civil actions from 123 cases between 2011 and 2013, according to the Justice Department (WSJ).” It’s hard to resist the lure of those 9-digit figures.

One civil forfeiture case may have been “abruptly” dropped before her confirmation hearings, but it took three years without charges or an official court date for one Long Island business to finally recover $447,000 from Lynch’s office.

I’m concerned that a big part of her fame as a federal prosecutor was through civil forfeiture,” Rand Paul told Breitbart. “She was asked specifically about this by Sen. Lee, and her response was ‘oh, everything is fine, it’s done with a court order.’ .’ She seems to not quite understand that innocent people are having their stuff taken by government–their cars, their money, their hotels, their stuff is being confiscated by government even if they’re never charged or even if they’re never convicted.

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