Obamacare: Like Your Current Healthcare Plan? That’s Too Bad

Obamacare: Like Your Current Healthcare Plan? That’s Too Bad

Still have your healthcare plan? You might want to double-check because insurance companies are dropping millions of Americans from their current plans in preparation for Obamacare. Sure, Obama is promising again that “If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It” but that’s entirely up to the insurance companies. And if you happen to live in any of these 7 states (Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington), according to CNN‘s PoliticalTicker, you’re out of luck.

As Matthew O’Brien of Atlantic points out, this “fix” is a move to shift political blame onto insurance companies and away from the Obama administration:

This is more politics than policy. It lets the administration say it’s trying to let people keep their plans if they like them—and blame the insurers if they don’t. (The Atlantic)

“[Ezekiel Emanuel, Obamacare Architect,] says it is the insurance companies,” states Sen. Paul on Hannity. “No, it’s the legislation. The legislation says very specifically if you had your insurance before Obamacare and if it is never changed you can keep it. But if you had it and now it’s changed at all, you have to take Obamacare. You get four choices whereas you might have had hundreds of choices before. Under Obamacare you only get four choices and you are being dumped.”

“…So really when [Obama] said you could keep your doctor, it’s the opposite. No one is going to keep their doctor. No one with an individual plan will still have it within a few years.”

So those who originally had healthcare coverage to begin with is going to be joining the rest of the crowd. Rand Paul’s own state, Kentucky, has been used as a prime example of Obamacare’s success but Paul thinks otherwise:

“In my state, nearly 10 times more people have lost their insurance than have gained any insurance. That Kentucky — is supposed to be the success case they are all touting and 10 times more people have lost their insurance in Kentucky.” (Hannity)

Of course, it’s going to be a “success” if you leave people without any other options for a healthcare plan.



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