Liberty and Privacy! Can A Hackathon Be Used To Defend Freedom?

Liberty and Privacy! Can A Hackathon Be Used To Defend Freedom?

It’s not every day a U.S. Senator hosts a hackathon, and it’s not every day that a U.S. Senator calls for apps to help safeguard against the very government he represents, but Rand Paul is not your everyday Senator.

Recently, Senator Paul hosted a Bay Area hackathon for the purpose of bringing clever minds together to see what sort of apps they could produce that would help further the cause of individual liberty and privacy.

Thanks to the NSA and other intrusive government agencies, privacy protection is all the rage, and in fact the winning project was a design for a secure payment system that relied on unique biometric identifiers rather than passwords. In a world where Orwellian surveillance state nightmares seem to come true every day, it is important that we take a stand to protect the privacy and freedom from government monitoring that is the right of every U.S. citizen.

Time Magazine quotes Senator Paul as saying:

“The vast expansion of the spy state and the corresponding erosion of our Constitutional rights has not made America safer.”

It is in light of this simple truth that Rand Paul called for a hackathon focusing on  “liberty and privacy.”

Rand Paul Inspires Young Hackers To Protect Freedom

The recent programming marathon showed a heartening demographic. A multi-ethnic group of high school and college students all sat down for a hardcore 24-hour pizza and caffeine fueled coding marathon. While one cannot reasonably expect groundbreaking software from such an occasion, one can reasonably expect groundbreaking ideas on how to make the sort of software Senator Paul is seeking to help safeguard our liberties. His forward thinking and efforts to engage younger voters (and even people not quite of voting age) to instill the fundamental ideals of liberty, freedom and individual rights fully reveals the strength of his convictions.

While this hackathon was fairly small and may not have made a huge impact on the media, it made an impact on the next generation of American voters, and energized just the sort of people we need to help put Liberty and Freedom back on the pedestals they once stood on. Rand Paul knows of the dangers of unchecked government and the evils of a modern surveillance state. His call for software that can help secure privacy, and defense of our liberties against the shadowy might of the NSA should be noticed and applauded. Where do you stand on software that can help protect privacy and freedom? What can modern technology do to empower the individual and defend their liberties? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, and join the fight for freedom with Rand Paul.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of droidcon Global, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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