Legal Pot? Let the States Decide!

Legal Pot? Let the States Decide!

In recent years, opposition to legal pot has gone up in smoke. Presidential candidates can even discuss it without harshing their mellow, in fact it’s pretty much a requirement to pass the topic around a debate and take a good long hit off the subject. While ol’ Bill Clinton might not have inhaled, Senator Paul has come out in support of getting the Feds out of the marijuana business, and letting the states handle it.

While in Denver, Rand Paul was asked about legal pot and rolled a doobie of a response. Saying that “the Federal Government shouldn’t interfere with states”, Paul underlined his basic principle of giving a lot of control back to states and letting them decide what is best for their people.

Not only is marijuana legalization a matter best left to the states, it is also one that can improve our civil liberties. Senator Paul told a Denver reporter that he supported decriminalization of marijuana on a national level rather than have people do prison time over something even our current sitting president admits to doing.

During the height of the War on Drugs of the 80’s and 90’s, showing support for the legalization or relaxation of laws about marijuana was political suicide. Being tough on drugs, and tough on drug crime was a surefire way to get elected, and the nation trembled in the throes of a different sort of reefer madness. But as the Baby Boomers rose to power, the relaxed attitudes towards marijuana from the 60’s and 70’s started to enter into national debate and policy. First came medical marijuana, and the world didn’t end. Then the states started to flex their muscle and Washington and Colorado lit the green smoking lamp for anyone over 21. Somehow too, the world hasn’t ended, and other states are jumping in or considering legalizing recreational marijuana.

Prohibition is a sticky thing, we learned that as a nation with alcohol, and now we are sending paramilitary police units to kick down doors in order to seize a few ounces of dried plant, all in the name of some sort of dubious war on drugs that not only has been lost, but should have never been fought in the first place.

Rand Paul wants to put the states in charge of the legal pot game, and get the Feds out of the funding goon squads and door kickers game. Decriminalizing marijuana possession and letting the states work out the legality of weed is the sensible option for lovers of freedom everywhere. Roll up your opinion and be blunt with us. Should states be allowed to legalize marijuana? What is the job of state and Federal government in conjunction with marijuana? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Cannabis Culture, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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