Leave Those Kids Alone! The Failure of Common Core

Leave Those Kids Alone! The Failure of Common Core

The failure of Common Core as a national standard is obvious to everyone with eyes to see it… everyone that is, except the Federal Government who continues to promote a blatantly flawed system. Unsurprisingly, Senator Rand Paul wants nothing to do with it. The continued support for Common Core was one of the reasons he voted against a recent major education bill.

Even the often rather liberal Huffington Post has come to see the failure of Common Core, publishing a piece that blasts the lack of transparency behind the so-called standards of Common Core, and undermining everything Common Core purports to stand for. In a strange moment of truly uncommon common sense, persons from all political walks of life are coming together to reject this unholy system of blind government control over education.

One key principle of Rand Paul‘s platform has always been reducing the size and scope of Federal involvement in our day to day lives, and shrinking the power the Feds have over matters best left to the states. Certainly there must be clear cut standards for education, as Americans, our children deserve the best possible education, and that education must be designed around open and transparent standards that do not undermine the rights of parents, or take away power from teachers and education professionals to guide their classrooms without interference from Washington D.C.

The Washington Post reports many states having problems simply administering these uniform standards, as echoes of the Obamacare website debacle haunt broken computerized testing programs. Everywhere we turn, we can see how badly Common Core and its associated roll out is harmful, broken and less a tool of education, and more one of simple rote control over the young and impressionable minds of American youth.

When we see the Common Core failure that is weakening the future of our children, it is important to support men like Senator Paul in their fight against it. Here we have a matter that liberals and conservatives, Tea Party Republicans, and long haired hippies, in fact Americans from all walks of life and ideology all agree on. Common Core is an abject failure and is best left to the dustbins of other failed trendy education reforms. Join us in supporting Rand Paul and his fight against flawed education reform. Share your views with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

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