Kill the Tax Code! It’s Not Just Fire And Chainsaws, Rand Paul Sues IRS Too

Kill the Tax Code! It’s Not Just Fire And Chainsaws, Rand Paul Sues IRS Too

Rand Paul has the IRS within his political cross-hairs. Not only does he want to kill the tax code, he’s already brandished a chainsaw on it, put it through a wood-chipper, and ignited its pages on fire!

Okay, maybe attacking 70,000 pages with blades and fire in Rand Paul’s latest video won’t stop the IRS and kill the tax code immediately, but perhaps what he did a week earlier will get him a few steps closer.

What did Senator Paul do? He took legal action in an attempt to stop its enforcement abroad. That’s right, Rand Paul is a plaintiff against the IRS and the Treasury in a suit filed the 14th of July. Paul feels his rights as a senator to vote on international agreements (read: treaties) have repeatedly been violated. According to the Washington Times, no other presidential candidate in recent times has taken it upon himself to sue the Feds right before an election. How’s that for some action!

If that isn’t enough to zero in on the IRS, Rand Paul has another plan for the tax man.

Paul, on his website, describes it in his own words:

“Polls show that “fairness” is a top goal for Americans in our tax system. I envision a traditionally All-American solution: Everyone plays by the same rules. This means no one of privilege, wealth or with an arsenal of lobbyists can game the system to pay a lower rate than working Americans.”

“I would eliminate nearly every special-interest loophole. The plan also eliminates the payroll tax on workers and several federal taxes outright, including gift and estate taxes, telephone taxes, and all duties and tariffs. I call this ‘The Fair and Flat Tax.'”

His “Fair and Flat Tax” proposal would replace the 70,000 plus pages with a flat 14.5 percent income tax, all in an effort to kill the tax code.

Senator Paul has cut up, burnt, and legally attacked the tax code, but it is yet to be seen if his ‘Fair and Flat Tax’ will, as he says on his plan page, “blows up the tax code” too. How would you kill the tax code? Send us a tweet or leave a comment below.



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