Kerry Continues To Insist Iran Deal Is Good, No One’s Convinced

Kerry Continues To Insist Iran Deal Is Good, No One’s Convinced

The recent Iran deal has a lot of folks fuming and for likely good reason. Senator Rand Paul is so concerned with the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran, that he recently called for military action should it be shown Iran is actually building a nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, John Kerry insists that the deal is good, and that there is nothing to worry about with Iran.

Of course we don’t know yet what the Iran deal will bring, but we do know that Rand Paul isn’t alone in his fears that the Obama administration is being too soft on Iran. Senator Paul told Mark Levin that he thinks “military force should always back up diplomacy” and we can see that any sort of enforcement is sadly lacking with Iran.

Paul and other leading Republican Senators have expressed concern that Obama’s Iran deal will simply make it easier for Iran to get a nuke, which would destabilize the entire Middle East, and put our allies and friends in the Mideast in danger of a nuclear attack by radical Islamic extremists. While John Kerry believes that Iran will willingly trade nuclear oversight and restrictions for the lifting of economic sanctions, it is hard to believe that such a hard line nation will simply roll over for the rest of the civilized world for a few bucks.

Rand Paul is right to echo Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of speaking softly, but to have the big stick ready. Diplomacy is important, and all nations should strive to avoid war and armed conflict whenever possible. However, in light of a deal with Iran that is so strongly opposed by Senate leaders, a rational mind must ask themselves how the world will deal with Iran should they go ahead and pursue an atomic weapon?

President Obama is really good at speaking softly, and being soft on our enemies and those who place our nation at risk. He’s not so good at the wise use of the big stick. Rand Paul is calling for us to back up our soft words with our big stick, but the liberals oppose this, instead favoring starry-eyed optimism and trusting in the assurances of a nation that is considered rogue by its own neighbors.

The Iran deal as it sits now is bad for peace, and bad for Iran’s neighbors. Rand Paul wants to secure the peace through diplomacy and as a last resort the military might to secure the fruits of that diplomacy. Securing a diplomatic victory with the quiet threat of enforcement should Iran continue its pursuit of nuclear weapons is just common sense. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Ash Carter, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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