Kentucky Presidential Caucus May Have Some Voters Confused

Kentucky Presidential Caucus May Have Some Voters Confused

This Saturday, the five remaining Republican candidates will lock horns in the first Kentucky presidential caucus in 34 years.

If you remember, the Kentucky presidential caucus was originally Sen. Rand Paul’s idea, so he could bypass a redundant law that prevented him from running for president and the Senate at the same time. (Although Paul has dropped out of the presidential race, you can still support him in his Senate race in May.)

Perhaps the biggest worry when it comes to the Kentucky presidential caucus is how many voters will actually appear. A volunteer chairman for Cruz’s campaign commented to the Courier-Journal that “the Republican Party has been doing an abysmal job getting the word out.”

According to him, many voters were not even aware that there will be a caucus in their state this Saturday.

WATCH: What Voters Need To Know About Kentucky Presidential Caucus

However, this will also mark a rare opportunity for Kentuckians to have a say in who will be the next presidential candidate. In the past, the Republican primary in Kentucky was done long after a clear winner had been decided.

Voter Paul Prince sees the caucus as a major opportunity that Republicans should take advantage of.

“We don’t have to know all there is about a caucus to recommend them being here,” Prince said. “It does give us an opportunity to vote in effect. To vote now, rather than waiting until the last of May when the decision’s probably, for the nomination, already been made. So it’s an opportunity to actually have impact.” (WSAZ)

Will you be out there this weekend casting your vote? Share your thoughts and questions below about the Kentucky presidential caucus. Plus help support Rand Paul by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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