Kelley Paul on 2016: ‘I Keep Expecting Something To Happen’

Kelley Paul on 2016: ‘I Keep Expecting Something To Happen’

When it comes to 2016, there’s one vote that Sen. Paul says he must have before he’ll run for president: his wife’s. While Kelley Paul’s new book, “True and Constant Friends,” focuses more on inspiring women (her grandmother being one of them) than the politics of her husband, she did have something to say about being the deciding vote in the Paul house.

Does the Senator’s wife, Kelley Paul, see the White House in her family’s future? Here’s what she told WBKO during her book tour for “True and Constant Friends.

“As the months go by I keep thinking something is going to happen,” Kelley said. “Either we’ll decide not to do it or we will. It’s hard to pull the trigger on things like this for us. Obviously he’s laying a lot of the ground work and doing the things that would make it possible for him to seek the nomination, but we just haven’t finally made that decision yet.”

“If it’s something that he does, it’s because that we’ve all decided. I mean, he’s talked to each of our sons. I wouldn’t say I’m the deciding vote. It’s a group decision.”

Hmm, however, if you watch the video below, Kelley Paul sounds really excited about the possibility. Is Sen. Paul’s family ready for “President Paul”? Send us a tweet or join the discussion on Facebook.


WATCH: Kelley Paul – “I Keep Thinking Something Is Going To Happen”
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