Judge Napolitano Believes Paul Can Lead U.S. to ‘Era of Prosperity’

Judge Napolitano Believes Paul Can Lead U.S. to ‘Era of Prosperity’

Judge Andrew Napolitano has a prediction, one which he shared with Glenn Beck the other day on Blaze TV. And it’s pretty good news for fans of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Said Napolitano:

“Do I think that Rand Paul could lead us to an era of prosperity, happiness, and small government?…The answer is yes.”

Napolitano’s comments comes as Paul continues to take the reins of the Republican Party, and his momentum and popularity continue to rise among voters. And that, Napolitano explained, will be what’s key. His power won’t come by accident – it will come because it resonates with people. And he’ll use it the right way.

He explained: “That will presume that there is a constituency for that, and that people are elected to Congress who agree to that. But just having a president in the White House who would shy away from power, rather than use it to his own ends, would be something the like of which the country hasn’t seen in 175 years.”

Napolitano himself says he has “a lot in common” with libertarians (as Paul is often labeled as), and that the libertarian movement will help people – not hurt, as some may have you believe.

“For somebody to say that libertarians crush freedom is insane. Libertarians will stop the government, which liberates freedom,” Napolitano said. “People that fear libertarians are the people in power, in both political parties.”

Right now, things are bad in 2013, Napolitano continued. And things will only get worse over the next few years, to the point where Americans have just “had enough.” Because of that, he’s optimistic that the electorate will move into a new direction come 2016. The direction of a “libertarian or libertarian-minded candidate.”

Or, as Napolitano put it simply, “Someone like Rand Paul.”

You can see Napolitano’s appearance with Beck by watching the video below.

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