Jon Stewart Caught Rooting For President Rand Paul

Jon Stewart Caught Rooting For President Rand Paul

Before Rand Paul can become president, he’s going to have convince not only his own party but the mainstream that he can handle attacks on foreign policy. We know, maybe you too, that Paul’s stance on foreign policy is more complex than a headline but all of that gets lost as the media spins its own stories. Jon Stewart, of course, jumped on the Rand Paul wagon about Israel during The Daily Show.

However, it almost sounds like Jon Stewart’s rooting for a President Paul. It was towards the end of his run on Paul that he started to say something really unusual:

Senator, all this fumbling around doesn’t make you look good,” advised Jon Stewart. “You took a position, you should stand by it. Stick the landing to show us you have integrity. Say something, anything to persuade us that you are, like your pop, presidential material.”

So what would that sound like? How about this?

“If you want to accurately portray my position,” Paul tells a reporter in a clip, “then you want to write an article that I’ve spent the last four years trying to put conditions on aid to people who hate us and burn our flag, then it would be an accurate story.”

“I like where we’re going with this,” Stewart interrupts the clip. “I hate people who hate us and burn our flag.”

Paul continues, “You can put as a sideline that I’ve also talked about that every country ultimately would be better off to be independent.”

“BOOM!” shouts Stewart. Now that’s a message that persuades.

Watch the clip of Jon Stewart below to see for yourself. Send us a tweet or comment on our Facebook page with your thoughts. Does Rand Paul need to take a stronger stance?

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