John Podesta, The Guy Helping Obama Bypass Congress

John Podesta, The Guy Helping Obama Bypass Congress

Obama is starting off the New Year by declaring plans to bypass Congress. Rand Paul has responded by calling this sort of thinking dangerous and unconstitutional (see the video below), but I have to ask where is Obama getting this renewed sense of spirit to skip over Congress? It makes me wonder about this new consultant, John Podesta, that Obama hired last month.

Guess what? He’s a consultant that specializes in… pushing for more presidential power.

Long before joining the administration, [John Podesta] urged the president to use his executive authority to get things done. His recent hiring [in December] was seen as a sign the president would be taking more executive action. (WSHU)

Most notably, Podesta co-authored a report back in 2010 for the liberal Center for American Progress on what The Denver Post calls “essentially a treatise on presidential authority”. The report goes bullet-straight to the point with the title, “The Power of the President.”

While Podesta will be consulting on other agendas like Obamacare and climate change, according to The New York Times, he’ll also be pointing all the ways Obama can act without Congress this year.

Paul keeps reminding Congress to take back its power from Obama. While they think about that, Obama is already thinking of all the different ways he can just straight-up bypass Congress. Now he has John Podesta to help him along.

So what do you think about the President’s preemptive strike against Congress? Is there any way to get the government balanced and back on track? Or are you just waiting it out until 2016?  Let us know on Facebook or by commenting below.


(Photo courtesy of Policy Network, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)


WATCH: Rand Paul on Obama’s Executive Power Grab
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