Job-lock:  Political Gymnastics During the Winter Olympics

Job-lock: Political Gymnastics During the Winter Olympics

Last Week the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) released a report about Obamacare.  It said that over the next 10 years up to 2.5 million people would change how they work and alter their life to get more government subsidies because of the Obamacare law.

The subsidies would in fact drive people from working because they would be making “too much” money and would therefore not be in line for the government ladle.


The amazing thing about it is that Democrats came up with the term job-lock.  They said that people today are job-locked because they get their healthcare from an employer and this would free them from the shackles of that job which would allow them to pursue all kinds of interesting things.  Well that is fascinating.


This is one of the most important facts:  our current healthcare situation was started under the Truman administration and the unions started to get their members these benefits called medical plans.  Some of the biggest job-lockers are massive unions.


So I guess what the Democrats are saying is that maybe the time for unions is over?  If we don’t need them to give us medical benefits because we are all in this free, Utopian State then maybe it is time to look at where the original job-lock came about. 


My father in law worked for Ford Motor Company in excess of 30 years.  When I asked him why he did that through good times and bad, he pointed out that the benefits are SOOOOO good. 


He is long gone now, but all I can tell you is that my father in law understood what job lock was and his whole mindset was ‘how do I stay at this long enough so I can get to that sweet retirement age?’


Hey, I am not knocking people in the Union, but you know what?  You can’t have it both ways. 


Democrats can’t talk about how the job-lock of the evil capitalists are preventing people from having mobility when in fact it all started so many decades ago with unions of course getting these benefits to job-lock their people.  I guess nobody was thinking about it then.


Anytime you start altering the free market like you are with Obamacare, the unknown consequences are huge.  What will happen over time is that people WILL in fact work less; and if they do that does not mean additional productivity.  We need people who are actually working.  Not sitting there with a Ouija Board and a calculator trying to figure out how they maximize their government benefits.


Even President Obama said that he was concerned that people would try to game the system.  Well, this is confirmation that 2.5 million people will figure it out and do just that.  Do you think that information becomes widespread if we stop at 2.5 million?


Hey, why don’t we just all figure out how we can maximize our benefits on the government program?  Anybody up for setting up a website so that we can figure out how to game the system?


How about you?  Do you find this ridiculous that there are going to be people figuring out how to maximize their government benefits while you have to continue working hard to supplement these government benefits? 


Well, guess what… that is where we are right now.  Yet another example of how Obamacare will affect the economy in a negative way. 


The reality is that we need to figure out a better solution, a free market solution to get people the coverage they need.  Not just the coverage, the CARE that they need.


That is where we always get it sideways.  So if you agree with me, then post your comments and say how you are either going to be one who is either going to contribute to the economy or you are going to be figuring out how to extract your best government benefit.


(Photo Courtesy of Geraint Rowland via Flickr Creative Commons)



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