It’s So Bad, So Big, So Ugly That Rand Paul Wants It Gone

It’s So Bad, So Big, So Ugly That Rand Paul Wants It Gone

Federal employees aren’t paying taxes and the IRS is giving money to tax cheats. Whoa, whoa, what is going on here? We have a major problem when government employees aren’t even following the tax code.

In a recent report, it was revealed that the IRS awarded nearly $19 million in contracts to companies that owed back taxes. Wait, isn’t it the job of the IRS to check whether or not taxes have been paid? In addition to that, Sen. Rand Paul pointed out on Wednesday to Greta Van Susteren that federal employees owe roughly $3.5 billion in back taxes. Are these the signs of a truly functioning tax code?

Paul wants to throw out the entire existing tax code; is this something you’re willing to support? Send us a tweet or comment below. Watch the clip for the rest of Rand Paul’s plan for taking on the IRS.

WATCH: Rand Paul’s Plan To Rewrite The Tax Code



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