It’s Red. It’s White. What’s That Behind Ted Cruz At Liberty University?

It’s Red. It’s White. What’s That Behind Ted Cruz At Liberty University?

Ted Cruz is running for president! How exciting is that! Well, it depends how you measure excitement. Students filled Liberty University’s hall on Monday for Cruz’s presidential announcement, but it was either that or risk getting fined, notes HuffPost. What if they don’t even support Ted Cruz? They still had to go.

As the Texas Senator waxed lyrical about things that most people find a bit too extreme, several students found a way to make the most of their forced attendance. About 12 students placed perfectly for the cameras behind Ted Cruz wore red t-shirts declaring they were going to Stand With Rand.

Rumors are building about Paul’s own presidential run though, with many reports now circulating that he’ll announce his candidacy in front of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier at the beginning of April, according to Newsmax.

How Did Rand Paul React To Ted Cruz’s Presidential Announcement

Rand Paul highlighted some of the similarities between him and Cruz in a recent interview on The Kelly File but says they differ in their strategies for growing the party.

Cruz is “throwing out red meat” to like-minded audiences whereas Paul says he’s trying to put forward an intellectually enticing message to non-Republicans (MSNBC).

There’s evidence that this is true; Paul’s visit to SXSW and the new office in Austin, Texas shows that he’s being realistic about demographic change in America.

“I guess what makes us different is probably our approach as to how we would make the party bigger”, says Paul. “I’m a big believer that you should stand on principle and be true to your principles, but I also think that we should take those principles and try to bring in new people with them. So I’ve spent the last couple years trying to go places Republicans haven’t gone. And maybe not just throwing out red meat but actually throwing out something intellectually enticing to people who haven’t been listening to our message before.” (Real Clear Politics)

Ted Cruz has kicked off his 2016 campaign, Rand Paul is going to follow suit soon. Who will be the stronger presidential nominee? Have your say on Facebook, Twitter or below.

Written by Abezier Coppe; Edited by Staff



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