‘It’s Rand Paul And No One Else,’ Says Baltimore County Libertarian

‘It’s Rand Paul And No One Else,’ Says Baltimore County Libertarian

We’ve heard Rand Paul talk about NSA spying, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, the flawed justice system and a lot of other things, but it seems that the speech he delivered at the Baltimore County GOP fundraiser this Tuesday was his most passionate so far.

Speaking in front of a crowd of his fellow Republicans, many of whom clearly supporting him and wearing Rand Paul T-shirts, the Kentucky senator touched upon several subjects during his 29-minute address at the Baltimore County GOP fundraiser.

All Amendments Are Important, Says Paul

At one point of his address, Paul broached the subject of the Bill of Rights, saying that although the GOP is the party of the 2nd Amendment, the other amendments are also important.

“We need to proclaim the message of the Bill or Rights with the passion of Patrick Henry”, he said. (Baltimore Sun)

He reminded attendees that all Americans have the right to a trial (a fact overlooked by individuals like Senator Lindsey Graham), which is guaranteed by the 6th Amendment and the freedom of religion, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

Yes To A Strong National Defense, No To Abuse Of Power

About 400 gathered at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at Martin’s West heard Paul speak against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act and the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens.

From that part of his address and also from his recent 11-hour filibuster against the Patriot Act, the potential 2016 presidential runner was all for a strong national defense, but not at the cost of giving the Pentagon more money and power to use as they please.

With the Democrats being largely in power in Maryland, it was of no surprise that Paul also poked a little at Hillary Clinton and the way she handled the 2012 situation in Benghazi, Libya. Paul said this should ‘forever preclude her from being president’.

‘Rand Paul Is The Only Guy I’d Come Out To See…’

Many people came to the Lincoln-Reagan fundraiser dinner only to hear Rand Paul, but he has brought many to his side on Tuesday as well. One of the former was Joe Steffen who said:

“Rand Paul is the only guy I’d come out to see… it’s Rand Paul and no one else and I mean that from the bottom of my ugly heart. He is more libertarian than probably 80 percent of people in this room.” (The Guardian)

Many have also noticed the diversity in the audience Paul brings. This was noted by Al Mendelsohn, Republican County Chairman, who said:

“There are a lot of non-traditional Republicans here tonight. Rand Paul brings a younger set. He brings people who describe themselves as libertarians.” (Baltimore Sun)

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Written by Vladimir Covic; Edited by staff



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