It’s Our Way or the Highway! (Immigration Politics Done Wrong)

It’s Our Way or the Highway! (Immigration Politics Done Wrong)

It’s one of those things you hear over and over again: Focus on one thing at a time. If you want to get something done, one step at a time. This sounds like decent advice, right? So why is our government always fixated on it’s “our way or the highway”-type politics and guess what? It goes nowhere. Paul wants to approach immigration politics differently.

“The question is: are we willing to narrow our focus and go after things that we can agree to and get them done, or are we going to stay so polarized that we always have to have our way or the highway?”

That’s what Paul asked during his recent appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. Now he’s talking about immigration reform but this could apply to just about every issue that has to go through Congress. Think about it like this: Every time there is a massive bill that has to go through the Senate and the House, they have to read that thing (It’s probably about as exciting as War and Peace) and you know what the scary thing is? Not all of them do.

Now this is immigration so I’m sure both sides of the aisle are at least triple-checking their cheat sheets. While Paul doesn’t always agree with Obama, he’s saying something to the effect of “Hey, here are one or two things that we can agree on, why don’t we work on these?” ‘Narrow the focus down’, it doesn’t sound so bad. Take one step at a time and maybe we won’t hear things about gridlock or ‘Republican obstructionism’.

What are your thoughts on Obama’s “our way or the highway” attitude about immigration politics? Or “comprehensive bills”? (Big bills don’t help, especially when extra things get thrown in under the table.) Give us your insight on politics by commenting below or by bringing the discussion to Facebook.

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