It was a Quiet Monday for Janet Yellen

It was a Quiet Monday for Janet Yellen

Even senators have a hard time arguing with the weather. 18 senators were missing from the Janet Yellen vote Monday. Most of whom were stuck in an airport like Paul. It was a long shot, but like older Paul stated to The Daily Caller, this isn’t about the chairman, it’s about the system. We may have missed out on the full impact of Paul’s speech, but there’s always another day, another time. This isn’t the final chapter in Paul’s fight for the Audit the Fed bill.

Janet Yellen is now head of Federal Reserve by what Slate calls “the narrowest margin ever” with 56-26 votes. Matthew Yglesias of Slate then took a moment to call out Paul over his ‘Audit the Fed’ tweets:

Rand Paul, for example, doesn’t seem to understand that the Fed can’t run out of money since they make the money.

And that’s the problem.


It’s not an epic 30 hours, but you can watch a ‘teaser’ below of Paul’s delayed speech from Monday:

WATCH: End Secrecy at the Federal Reserve



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