Is Ukrainian Aid Worth It, America?

Is Ukrainian Aid Worth It, America?


With the upcoming election in 2016 looming in the distance, Republican hopeful, and newly projected frontrunner, Senator Rand Paul voted against a bill of $1 billion for Ukrainian Aid. The bill eventually passed but the voices on both sides of the issue were certainly heard.

There are those that say the bill for Ukrainian Aid is foolish, given the hard economic times that the U.S. has come under, and the fear that it could lead to more money being needed. The “if you give a mouse a cookie” story comes to mind. Others say that it’s our duty as a global leader to help the international community.


Senator Paul is trying to strike the balance of appeasing both sides, and he does have a point. The original problem, he says, was that the U.S. was not strong enough in its diplomatic dealings with Russia during the Crimea situation.

Paul “argued last month that President Obama was failing to project Ronald Reagan’s ‘peace through strength’ policy. … ‘It is our role as a global leader to be the strongest nation in opposing Russia’s latest aggression,’ he wrote in an opinion piece.” (CNN)

And the majority of Americans agree with him.

According to a Pew Research Poll, 52% of Americans believe that America should stay out of the affairs of other countries and focus on more domestic issues. They also found that 56% of Americans want to stay out of the situation in Ukraine.

But looking deeper into the bill in order to see both sides, one might see the value in helping out. The Ukraine has stated that unless it receives a total of $35 billion in the next two years, an economic collapse is imminent. This is due to the fact that Ukraine has pulled away from Mother Russia in order to align itself with the European Union and the West. This independence has come at a cost: Russia has jacked up the price for Natural Gas as a result and threatened to reclaim billions in previous discounts.

As a result, the International Monetary Fund, The European Union, and various other countries have already pledged $27 billion in aid over the next two years, according to Fox News. The U.S.’s bill would help to stabilize the Ukraine as that aid begins to flow.

However, with the current state of our own economy and the rate of opportunity to advance decreasing domestically, Paul wants to focus more on our problems at home, which is a hard point to argue with.

Whatever your views on foreign policy, it’s clear that America should consider both sides of the Ukrainian aid issue before coming to a certain conclusion. It wasn’t that long ago that an up and coming country wanted to free itself from its oppressive ruler. And now, it’s hard not to draw the comparisons. I call on you to give the issue some thought, look deeper into it, and decide for yourself where you stand. Perhaps in 2016 you might stand on the right side of history.

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(Photo courtesy of Gisela Giardino, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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