Is Trump Building A Border Wall Around The GOP?

Is Trump Building A Border Wall Around The GOP?

Instead of a border wall, we need a wall on stupidity. Recently, Rand Paul lambasted Trump’s nationalistic, anti-immigrant jingoism. Echoing sentiments of the aptly named “Know Nothing Party” of the mid 19th Century, and future breeds of ignorant, fearful and paranoid nationalists of future years, Trump is taking steps to ensure that the GOP will lose any vote outside of the scared white man in a southern trailer park demographic.

Paul’s ideas don’t include a border wall, they include reaching out to Hispanics. The Boston Herald quotes him as saying “We cannot win without being a more diverse party” and this is true. The black and latino vote are extremely important, and failing to court hard-working, independent-minded for the GOP is a death wish.

We all know the GOP has strayed far from the Party of Lincoln and instead has morphed into exactly the sort of party the GOP was founded to counter. Men like Trump would have never stood a chance as a Republican even in the 1950’s, but the GOP has gone downhill, and has thrown away its century plus of civil rights progress and attempts to build equality in this country. Now, it is mocked as a racist party, a party for crazy religious fundamentalists, and of warmongers, and there is much truth in that cliche.

Paul recognizes the need for diversity, not because diversity is cool, but because we are a diverse nation. The United States is a great melting pot which means over time, the color and flavor of what’s in the pot might change, but the melting pot of liberty and freedom remains the same. We are strengthened as a nation by taking on the best of other cultures, and learning from them, striving ever forward for that “more perfect union” the Founders sought.

Trump and his border wall sets American liberty back several hundred years. Chasing off the black and Hispanic vote builds a wall around the GOP that keeps progress and victory out, and leaves the bitter nationalistic hatred stewing within. The GOP is no longer a melting pot, rather it is becoming dross on the surface which will get skimmed off and discarded unless something changes. We need to reach out to Hispanics, because it is the right thing to do, and because the fresh blood and fresh ideas other people will bring to the GOP is the only thing that can save it. Should the GOP court the Hispanic vote? Is Trump full of crap? Can Paul’s simple idea of diversity and new blood save the GOP? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


LISTEN: Rand Paul on Boston Herald Radio’s Morning Meeting show



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