Is There an Expiration Date on Benghazi Lies?

Is There an Expiration Date on Benghazi Lies?

Let me ask, is there an expiration date on lives lost? It was only last month that political commentator, Charles Krauthammer, was saying that time has run out on investigating Benghazi lies. However, the recent Benghazi emails has stirred renewed interest (as well as non-interest) in what happened in Benghazi.

While there’s frustration in some quarters that it’s still being brought up, that Republicans are still trying to hammer away at Benghazi lies, there is no changing the facts that American lives were lost. Poor decisions were made. While Republicans emphasize that the White House was responsible for obscuring the facts, can the same be said about them?

So what exactly is everyone talking about when they bring up Benghazi? Right now, it sounds a lot like media spin about media spin. Who said what, which words were changed, it’s all talk about people who were in charge of so-called announcements. What happened in Benghazi stemmed from a video? Nope, I don’t think the crowd is following that answer anymore.


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So the ‘Youtube coverup’ was spin from the White House? You don’t believe everything said on the news, right? Right? The conservative upheaval over the Benghazi emails and the spin has merit, but is this what Benghazi should really be about?

It sidesteps more solid issues like the failure of policy in Libya and what was the CIA doing there?

“There’s definitely a lesson here,” writes Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic. “If America helps to overthrow a dictator, establishes a consulate at an epicenter of the violent chaos that follows, sends diplomats to staff that outpost, and houses them next to CIA agents using diplomatic cover for good measure, their safety is likely to be threatened.”

No matter where the blame gets passed, it all comes back to the State Department. And that means Hillary.

The report [from the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee] focuses much of the blame on the State Department, suggesting its officials in charge of diplomatic security should have followed the CIA’s lead and fortified its Benghazi outpost. (Vox)

Defenders blame the lack of security on the confusing legal status of the ‘Benghazi mission’ or on spending cuts by Republicans. If the Department can’t afford to have an outpost there, can’t afford to protect the American lives sent there, what are they doing there?

“We need to make sure something like this never happens again,” says Sen. Rand Paul. “Some big mistakes were made under Hillary Clinton’s watch. The first mistake was, I think, in the middle of a civil war, they should have never had this embassy or consulate under State Department command. I would’ve had it under military command. But so many times, people asked Hillary Clinton for more security, and it was turned down. Someone needs to ultimately accept responsibility for this, in order for us to say, you know, that we’re not gonna let this happen again.”

Another committee investigation on Benghazi is in the works. There’s been a lot of smoke and mirrors around Benghazi. (That doesn’t exclude Republicans.) Democrats complain that there’s already been numerous committees and investigations.  However, it’s never about the number of investigations. It’s about whether or not the right questions are being asked. Will the one being led by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C) ask those questions?

Share your thoughts below, your outrage about Benghazi lies on Facebook, or even your indifference on Twitter. It’s all about getting at the truth and it won’t come out if you don’t demand it.


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