Is The Tea Party Over?

Is The Tea Party Over?


“Is the Tea Party over? But we haven’t even gotten to eat our biscuits yet!”

I don’t think that anyone could disagree that in terms of changing the political landscape, the Tea Party outdid everyone. On all fronts. And now they find themselves in a debate about the end of the Tea Party… Are we really at the point where we’re asking: “Is the Tea Party Over?”

How did they win? Some out-crazied their candidates with radical policies. Some outfunded through their grassroots movement. Some just straight up out American’d the field (see Rick Perry).

But for the Tea Party to survive, it’s got to evolve, just as the whole Conservative Party does. For one thing, it needs to let go of the ridiculousness of the past. How many times has some variable on how Ronald Reagan would shed enough tears to fill the reflecting pool in D.C. if he saw what happened to his precious America been spewed out from their mouths. We get it, you love America and you want to keep it the way it is. But the Gipper isn’t coming back, and even if he did, he’d get destroyed in today’s political world.

It’s not new information either. Even the leaders of the GOP are getting with the times. They see that their views on immigration need to reform, that everyone needs equal rights, and that the public will not continue to support them if there is no discourse in Washington. The breaking point has more or less been reached, and the people that support the Conservative party are the oldest age group in America. Within 10-20 years the Millennials will be more or less in charge. Which spells bad news for anyone still clinging to their nostalgic American pride of the old ways the world worked.

Now that’s not to say that the Tea Party’s ideas aren’t valid. Taxation is a nuisance, and although it’s a requirement, many people in the workplace can’t afford the steep taxes that get rolled out year after year. Or the atrocious amount of spending that Washington has racked up in order to pay for the two wars we’re still involved in. (Yeah, forgot about those didn’t you?) On top of the fact that the government has monitored your calls, emails, and texts, blatantly disregarding your civil liberties.

When it comes to policies that directly affect the economy, foreign affairs, and the sanctimony of private life, the Tea Party is right on. And if they can be the first party to openly embrace more progressive views while catering to a class that also wants to retain their rights and make a decent living, then the future looks bright for the Tea Party.

Until then, we’ll still be asking the question, “Is the Tea Party over?” And no, you will not be able to finish your biscuits.

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(Sage Ross, via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


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