Is Paul ‘Ruining’ Harry Reid Over Yellen Vote?

Is Paul ‘Ruining’ Harry Reid Over Yellen Vote?

Rand Paul and Harry Reid’s meeting of the minds on the Yellen vote was so intense that it sent Reid to the hospital. No, not really. (Exhaustion gets the blame for that one, according to FoxNews.) Senator Paul may have some “very strong, set views on many issues,” according to one Democrat, but Paul is more than willing to cross party lines to negotiate.

Even with someone he previously called ‘a bully.’

The Yellen vote has been moved to January. Whether or not it was a result of their ‘fireside chat‘ is uncertain, but their one-on-one discussion left a good impression on Reid. Enough that he described Paul as someone who “wants to get things done here.”

Paul is someone who is willing to reach out, according to another Democrat.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.): “I’ve talked to him a lot of times in the gym. In fact, one of the discussions we had last Thursday on the bicycle led to us not being here this weekend.”

“Rand Paul is the kind of guy — he has very strong, set views on many issues — but he’s not one of these people who says, ‘I don’t want to talk to anybody.’ ” (The Hill)

A lot of the obstruction and delay currently taking place in Washington has been blamed on the Republican Party. Although Paul threatened his own 30-hour delay to finally get a vote on the Audit the Fed bill, he’s not beyond criticizing his own party for childish behavior.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) said that Paul privately expressed frustration to Democrats last week about the all-night talkathon that GOP senators staged to protest Reid’s effort to move forward a batch of President’s Obama’s nominees. (The Hill)

Unlike other party members, he doesn’t have to stay up all night to get Democrats to listen. He’s smart enough to explore other strategies besides a 30-hour standoff on the Yellen vote if he can help it. True bipartisan discussion (and agreement!) is what Washington needs so it can finally get beyond a state of gridlock and stalled progress.
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