Is Education In America A Standardized Failure?

Is Education In America A Standardized Failure?

Rand Paul has famously called Common Core a disaster, and believes the Department of Education’s control over what is taught in this country can lead to a liberal bias in teaching, with little chance to avoid it. Instead, his solution as always is the same: Get the bloated Federal government out of matters best left to state and local government.

Paul recently spoke with Fox News about education in America. He talked about the failings of Common Core and the need to do away with the U.S. Department of Education, as well as the education successes of the past. Paul is old enough to remember a time before Federal Government controlled education and believes the U.S. has gotten worse with the Federal involvement.

Education in America used to be controlled by the states and governed by local interests and needs. Now, we have a controlling Federal body that pushes a unified mandated curriculum across the country, leading many teachers, as Paul told Fox to teach the tests instead of the subject matter.

WATCH: Rand Paul Discusses Education in America on Sunday Morning Futures

The lumbering Federal bureaucracy that exists now shoves a one size fits all education regimen on our children, with the end result of stamping out cookie cutter courses that have little room for flexibility. Passing mandatory tests to gauge student and teacher performance is all the rage, with some students having to take nearly a dozen standardized tests in a given year. This does little to encourage learning, instead all teachers have time for is to teach the kids how to pass the test. This is not a viable metric of learning and only ensures a student is capable of being taught how to take a test, not to learn valuable life skills and lay the educational foundation for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

Excessive government control is never good, and the current state of education in America shows this. Rather than leave education in the hands of people in the states who can directly oversee the progress of students, it’s being left to a bunch of paper pushers and political yahoos in some ivory tower in Washington D.C. Not only is this a sure fire way to ensure America continues to lose ground against other nations, it’s a great way to indoctrinate our children in whatever left wing ideals are popular at any given time. It’s time to stand up to the Feds and put our children’s education back in the hands of the states. What do you think? Is the Department of Education needed? Have the Feds gone too far with Common Core and standardized testing? What is the proper role of the states in all this? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff



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