Is America More Pro-Life or More Pro-Choice?

Is America More Pro-Life or More Pro-Choice?

I remember being a child in school and learning for the first time about an individual’s rights. I was told my rights end at the tip of my fingers and stop when it affects another person. But, on the issue of abortion, so much more is added to the mix. You are looking at a woman’s upbringing as well as her ability to make the best of an unexpected situation. Depending on which stance you take (pro-life or not), this involves the rights of an unborn child as well.

Rand Paul is doing the difficult job of making a stance on abortion for the whole nation. During his visit to the University of Chicago Institute of Politics last week, he spoke honestly about what he stood for. It is no surprise that Paul feels life begins at conception and that pro-life is his personal path for what he would choose over others.

As a potential presidential candidate, he is representing the country as best as he can. This is not an enviable position. Everyone has their own take on what is right.

However, Steven Ertelt of LifeNews writes that he doesn’t feel Paul is pro-life enough.

Ertelt argues that “a majority of Americans have been consistently pro-life in polls for decades — so much so that Gallup recently called the pro-life majority on abortion the ‘new normal.'”

(I’d like to point out a flip side to that poll. If you take another look at a more recent Gallup poll, interestingly enough, while more Americans are pro-life, they still take a middle of the road approach to the legality of abortions.)

Matt K. Lewis of the Daily Caller sees it this way:

“From a pragmatic standpoint, however, Paul seems to be saying two things: 1). That he believes in the Thatcher maxim that first you win the argument, then you win the vote, and 2). That the pro-life cause is best served when it stresses areas where there is consensus (banning late-term abortion, for example)… “

This is a hot topic but what I see happening is that Paul is expressing his own views, which for some is okay. But, for others who want rights to abortions no matter what or a straight out ban on all abortions, it won’t be received so well. There is no pleasing everyone and Paul knows it. What can he say?

“The real problem for Paul, in my opinion, is that he’s having an honest discussion about a very sensitive topic,” writes Lewis of the Daily Caller.

Let’s face it, Paul is pro-life personally, but he is also cognizant that he is representing other Americans as well. He doesn’t see a need to change any laws until the people want it.

Paul knows that if he wishes to make it in the 2016 presidential election he needs to take a stand for what the country wants, not what he desires personally. I think that this is what’s suppose to happen when you are representing the needs of an entire country.

What’s your feelings about this? From your own personal view, is America more pro-life or more pro-choice? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook.


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