Is A Rational Discussion On Abortion Even Possible?

Is A Rational Discussion On Abortion Even Possible?

In light of the current controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, Senator Rand Paul has stuck to the principles of his pro-life stance, and called for removing Federal funding from Planned Parenthood. While there is evidence that the first controversial video is heavily edited, emotionally charged arguments on all sides of the abortion issue underline the need for Paul’s style of rational discussion on abortion.

With Roe vs Wade setting national law, for better or worse, abortion is legally here to stay at the moment. What is sadly not here to stay though is respectful, calm and reasoned discussions about abortion and what role it should play in American society.

Rand Paul has long opposed late term abortion, something even many liberal, pro-choice supporters advocate. Even many developed European nations ban late term abortions, which is something lost in the politically charged atmosphere surrounding the abortion debate in this nation.

What is most lacking though is respect and quiet debate. As a nation, we are great at yelling at each other. Political issues rapidly become polarized, with each side demanding that their way is the only right way, and that any deviation from the line drawn in the sand is wrong. Sadly, we as a nation have forgotten the lessons of honest intellectual debate and yes, even compromise that our Founding Father’s taught us as they drafted the Constitution.

Senator Paul is trying to bring us back to those important times, when national leaders argued, debated, and struggled with important issues, yet somehow managed to find solutions and engage each other with reasoned dialogue. Indeed, some of those debates have been immortalized as the Federalist and Anti Federalist papers, something scholars of all stripes regularly turn to when trying to discern Original Intent. Can you imagine two hundred years from now scholars even finding reasoned discourse and debate to show how our current society tried to solve issues?

As with many things, it is time to return to the attitudes of the days of the Founding Fathers, and have a rational discussion on abortion. No matter what stance you take on it, a reasonable mind knows that it is better to sit down with your opponents and discuss the matter like intelligent, educated adults, instead of stooping to drawing lines in the sand and trying to scream over the views of your equally angry opponent. What say you? Is there room in the abortion debate for calm discussion? Is rational debate even possible? Share your (polite) views with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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