Iran Sanction Hawks Don’t Wanna Trade Baseball Cards

Iran Sanction Hawks Don’t Wanna Trade Baseball Cards

To misquote Shakespeare, ‘The course of – avoiding nuclear warfare between Iran and the US – never did run smooth.’ Here’s the deal on the deal: we want Iran to dismantle their nuclear program and not blow us all up in the future, thanks. In return, they want the U.S. to provide sanctions relief. The problem is that Congress (namely the sanction hawks) is still working to… pass more sanctions?

Iran is back at the table despite last week’s federal blacklisting of 17 companies. An act that “U.S. officials maintain [was]…enforcing existing sanctions rather than imposing fresh penalties,” according to the LA Times.

It was a move by the Obama administration, according to the LA Times, that served two purposes: It applies pressure to Iran to negotiate as well as reassure “skeptics in Congress that no more sanctions are needed.”

It might not be enough to dissuade sanction hawks though. Chairman Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) has promised to hold off on a new Iran sanctions bill, but that hasn’t stopped sanctions legislation coming up from Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.). Then throw in a poll that 77% of Americans want more sanctions and pressure on Iran.

The poll found that most voters, 77 percent of Democrats and 96 percent of Republicans, would rather vote for a senator who approves new sanctions. (The Hill)

So while Iran negotiations are going on, members of Congress are also making moves to pressure Iran…or break the deal. Obviously, not everyone thinks the Iran interim deal is hard enough and they’re taking action much to Obama’s agitation.

And what’s Senator Rand Paul’s take on this?

Back in November, he spoke with Reuters TV, saying “…In the middle of negotiations, it’s sort of like saying, ‘Hey, let’s trade baseball cards while I stick [my finger in your eye.]’ …[While] the President and I disagree on a lot of issues, the President has asked for a little time and room to negotiate. …Negotiations are better than war. And holding off on this a little while would be good.”

We’re not exactly at the stage where we’re sitting with Iran, braiding each other’s hair, and holding sleepovers, maybe the Iran interim deal isn’t tough enough, but it’s supposed to give us six months to finalize a better deal. Will the sanction hawks in Congress get in the way?

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