Iowa and New Hampshire Want This Early GOP Frontrunner

Iowa and New Hampshire Want This Early GOP Frontrunner

How does Sen. Rand Paul respond to being called the early GOP frontrunner? He laughs it off and says it might be bad luck.

I’m getting chills but not because something bad might happen, something outstanding might. There are still other names being thrown out for the early GOP frontrunner. However, I’m only listening for one name and it just keeps coming up.

“What gives Paul that label?” asks Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. “He has the highest favorable ratings of any potential candidate in [Iowa and New Hampshire.] He leads the polls in the early horserace, not including the undecided vote, and he runs best against Hillary Clinton.”

But it’s not just good poll numbers, he’s been very strategic in the past six months. Paul hired Rick Santorum’s former campaign manager. He’s teamed with Democrat Cory Booker on some legislation. And he backs a less active foreign policy that happens to be more popular with the public.

Aaron Blake of The Washington Post adds:

“Dig a little deeper, and you see Paul’s potential. Moreso than any other candidate, Paul seems to have real paths to victory in both states — something that has never happened before. It’s far too early to say with any certainty what will happen (and we can’t emphasize the limited value of early polling enough) but the potential is clearly there.”

Why does Blake feel this way? There’s three reasons why: (1) Paul is currently tied for first in Iowa and New Hampshire. (2) He’s the first or second choice for a lot of voters. And (3) nobody else has appeal like Rand Paul.

Added note, if he does win both states, he would be the first of his kind.

“No non-incumbent Republican presidential candidate has won both states since they were granted first-in-the-nation status in 1976. Not one.” (Washington Post)

Oh, chills. If you think about it, what other alternative is there? Hillary Clinton? No, thanks. If you want Rand Paul to beat Hillary, send us a tweet or join us on Facebook. The more noise we make, the more people will hear about him!

WATCH: Rand Paul’s Response to Being Called the Early GOP Frontrunner
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