Iowa And New Hampshire Voters Want Feds To Back Away From Their Marijuana

Iowa And New Hampshire Voters Want Feds To Back Away From Their Marijuana

Iowa and New Hampshire voters want the Feds to back away from marijuana. An overwhelming majority (Republicans and Democrats alike) say that marijuana legalization should be left to state policy, not an overreaching federal policy.

Marijuana Majority released a commissioned public poll that shows 71% of Iowans want marijuana legalization to be a state issue. The same poll says 73% of New Hampshire voters agree that the states need to control marijuana laws.

Senator Rand Paul supports this, and told voters that he believes in a “hands-off approach” from the federal government when it comes to marijuana during his visit to Alaska last month.

The surprising results of this poll indicate that Republicans need to stand behind states’ rights when it comes to marijuana laws. As a political party that runs on individual freedoms and smaller federal government, supporting marijuana legislation at the state level is the only logical route to take.

Easing up on federal marijuana legislation would also help keep minority communities out of prisons.

“We’ve made this mistake that putting people in jail for 15 and 20 years is what we need to do. I think that’s wrong. I think it is a mistake, but they should be giving a second chance,” said Sen. Rand Paul in response to changing national drug laws.

While Sen. Paul sides with Iowan and New Hampshire voters, politicians like Governor Chris Christie and Senator Marco Rubio are keeping old school and still objecting to legalizing marijuana. It’s not going to win them any voters for 2016, says Rolling Stone.

“Our poll shows that across party lines, and regardless of personal support for legalization, the vast majority of voters simply want the feds to get out of the way and let states implement their own reforms without harassment,” Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angell tells Rolling Stone. “

Rand Paul is clearly rolling with the times. Are you with Iowa and New Hampshire voters on marijuana legalization? Send us a tweet or show your support on Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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