Inside Rand Paul’s Secret Meeting for 2016

Inside Rand Paul’s Secret Meeting for 2016

From across the country, members of Rand Paul’s inner circle gathered this past Wednesday outside of Capitol Hill for a secret meeting. With the midterm elections behind us, 2016 is ever closer.

Early reports from The National Journal revealed that this secret meeting was “to both literally and symbolically change focus after the November election.” Does this change in focus mean a shift to a presidential focus? As always, fingers crossed for Rand Paul in 2016.

U.S. News shared that:

“It was the first time Paul’s emerging political team from across the country came together, allowing an opportunity to familiarize each other with their goals, priorities and challenges.”

“A lot of different people were sharing pieces of the puzzles they’ve been working on. So many of them are dependent on each other for things to work,” says one Paul confidante who attended the gathering but was not authorized to speak about it publicly. “It’s black, it’s white, it’s mostly young. It’s male and female. It’s tech-savvy, smart, mission-oriented. … These people are going to leave this place empowered.”

If there was one strong message to come out of this political brain trust for Paul, it’s that his team is organized and ready for 2016.

“As a doctor, [Paul] has an ability to remove himself from the situation and make a dispassionate decision,” an informal adviser to Paul tells U.S. News. “The purpose, to me, was to get organized, but it seems like they’re already there.”

While Paul’s team is keeping most of the details under wraps from this landmark meeting, they did leave us with this:

Yes, Rand is running for re-election to the Senate.

No surprise there. This won’t be the last “secret” meeting that Sen. Rand Paul’s team will be having before 2016. There’s still time to announce a presidential run but do YOU think Paul has the right players to back him for a win in 2016? Tweet us or join the discussion on Facebook.


WATCH: Rand Paul Gears Up For 2016
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