If You Like Obamacare So Much, Why Don’t You Enroll In It?

If You Like Obamacare So Much, Why Don’t You Enroll In It?

This is sort of the real-life, adult version of that goofy kiddie saying, “Well if you like X-Y-Z so much, why don’t you marry it?!?!”

In this case though it’s health care. Obamacare to be exact. And Sen. Rand Paul is posing the question: If you liked Obamacare enough to approve its legality, why don’t you use it as your insurance coverage?

So Paul offered a solution, and kind of a challenge: He proposed a constitutional amendment that would require all federal employees to buy into the Obamacare health insurance program.

As Katie LaPotin of Red Alert Politics points out, he specifically called out Chief Justice John Roberts, who somewhat surprisingly voted to uphold Obamacare’s legality in a Supreme Court ruling.

“’My amendment says basically that everybody including Justice Roberts – who seems to be such a fan of Obamacare – gets it too,’ Paul told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview Saturday from Mackinac Island in Michigan.”

Roberts’ vote wasn’t just surprising – it was also the swing vote, as the Supreme Court decided by a 5-4 that the Obamacare mandate was indeed a tax. That designation as a tax meant the federal government had the constitutional right to require all Americans to pay for it.

Paul’s amendment also comes on the heel of a recent, similar proposal, this one by Republican Senator from Louisiana David Vitter. Vitter’s plan would force the legislative and executive branches to enroll in Obamacare.

Paul’s, in comparison, would require every single federal employee to sign up.

“’I think mine is a little more inclusive,” Paul told TheDC. ‘…And mine would save quite a bit more money.’”

Speaking realistically, it would be very very difficult – if not impossible – for an amendment like this to get passed. Paul and other Republicans have also been fighting to neuter Obamacare by not providing funding for it in the next budget, effectively ending it before it really began. But hey, maybe this is a good compromise, and maybe he can surprise a lot of people by gathering support for an amendment like this.

I mean, if you think about it, if it’s good enough to vote for the first time, wouldn’t you want to enroll in it yourself?



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