I Can’t Ignore Rand Paul, Says Al Sharpton

I Can’t Ignore Rand Paul, Says Al Sharpton

If Rand Paul continues with what he’s doing, says Rev. Al Sharpton, it could get dangerous. Dangerous for Democrats. Watch out, Hillary.

It took Hillary Clinton 19 days to respond to the events in Ferguson, according to one HuffPost writer. Sen. Rand Paul not only delivered a sharp rebuke in Time against police militarization but he went to Ferguson. It’s these kind of ACTIONS, not just words, that are impressing the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton among others. Look at Bill Maher. He might even be voting Republican for once, thanks to Rand.

While Sharpton may not publicly endorse Sen. Paul at the moment, he can’t overlook what the Senator is trying to accomplish with minorities:

“Now that [Rand’s working] with Booker, going to Ferguson, having breakfast with Al Sharpton … he is beginning to demonstrate some very open, very consistent patterns of trying to broaden the framework of a potential candidacy,” Sharpton told Politico.

“I think he knows it’s unlikely someone like Al Sharpton would endorse him, but I can’t ignore him. He’s openly dealing with issues that [politicians] including people in the Democratic Party, haven’t done.”

Liberal HuffPost blogger, H. A. Goodman, also shared this latter sentiment about Paul acting where other 2016 hopefuls are not, especially Hillary Clinton:

The fact is that only one of the candidates for president in 2016 (not Hillary, Jeb, or anyone else) visited Ferguson and discussed the issues of race and militarized police. It should have been Hillary Clinton, but it was Rand Paul who visited Ferguson, and his actions speak louder than any assumption that Clinton is automatically a better choice on civil rights.

…Is there a serious contender for president in 2016 speaking about “racial disparities in our criminal justice system” or the sentiment that many African-Americans feel pertaining to being targeted by police? These are poignant words and they speak to me. They speak to my concept of justice and where this country is going, and I don’t care if they were written by a Republican.

The fact that Paul wrote, “I might have smarted off…But, I wouldn’t have expected to be shot” is something Clinton would never have touched, in a million years, with even a one hundred foot pole.

That’s quite a statement. Are Rev. Al Sharpton and HuffPost’s Goodman right about Sen. Rand Paul outdoing Hillary and other Democrats?  Send us a tweet or add your voice to the debate on Facebook.



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