How The Power of Trade Will Accomplish More Than Cuba Embargo

How The Power of Trade Will Accomplish More Than Cuba Embargo

The Cuba embargo has been a stalwart of post-WWII politics. Barack Obama’s decision to reset relations with Cuba has kind of stumped many elected officials who cling desperately to the old way of doing things.

In an editorial published in Time Rand Paul says what we’ve all been thinking: how come Cuba is so special? The US trades with China and Vietnam, so why not with Cuba? These glaring inconsistencies have been avoided for as long as the embargo has been in play. The Cuba embargo has made the quality of life for Cubans low without actually bringing about the demanded democratic reforms, because top down government policy rarely works how it is intended to.

“The 50-year embargo against Cuba has not worked. If the goal was regime change, then it sure does not seem to be working. It also hurts the people more than the regime, because the regime can blame the embargo for hardship.” — Rand Paul (Time)

A common line of argument is that the Cubans can blame their hardship on the embargo, and in a way they are right to do so, it has fuelled hatred of America and punished the citizens of Cuba not the wealthy elite who actually run the place.

“I believe that once enslaved people taste freedom and see the products of capitalism they will become hungry for freedom themselves.” — Rand Paul (Time)

Rand Paul is not the only Republican who sees the advantages of a new relationship with Cuba, Jeff Flake of Arizona has this to say:

“This is, fundamentally, an issue of freedom. U.S. trade and travel restrictions with Cuba aren’t restrictions on Cubans — they are restrictions on Americans. I’ve long said if a government is going to tell its citizens where they can and can’t travel, it ought to be a communist country” — Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) (The Daily Caller)

Now beyond the stirring rhetoric I think it’s important we put this move into context a little. American-Russian relations are currently at a low point, by bringing Cuba into the fold the US administration is flipping off Russia from across the Atlantic by attempting to co-opt nations previously sympathetic to the Russian Bear. Showing how the soft power of trade can be just as effective as tanks and little green men. What do you think? Should the Cuba embargo end? Join in the discussion on Facebook or on Twitter.

Written by Abiezer Coppe


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