How The IRS Steals From Innocent Citizens By Hiding Behind This Law

How The IRS Steals From Innocent Citizens By Hiding Behind This Law

Libertarians have known for ages that the IRS steals from us. But others are just catching on to how blatant this unconstitutional mafia-style scam is with this slap to Lady Liberty’s face called “civil asset forfeiture”.

So if someone has fishy-looking bank account activity that looks like they’re depositing under $10,000 at a time, they could be a terrorist says the IRS. So… logically… it’s okay for the IRS to take their money without a trial or accusation, right? It’s basically the new-ish way the IRS steals from us.

Well woopdy doo surprise surprise. This only has incidental involvement with anything that could qualify as ‘terrorist-activity.’ (Y’know, like cutting hair without a license? Those renegade hair-stylists are a threat to our national security don’t ya know.)

Forbes reports that:

“Of the 639 seizures in 2012, only twenty percent of these seizures turned out to involve cases where criminal charges were ever pursued.”

And that’s Forbes. Those guys love the government, usually. So this is something that left-leaning pro-establishment people are actually in the same boat as with us. I did mention that you don’t have to be accused of a crime right? And that they just keep your money, and don’t give it back? They’ll even fight you in court over it and offer you settlements for way less than the original amount.

“Take the case of a Long Island based candy and cigarette distribution company that had just under $500,000 taken from their bank accounts and had, on their accountant’s advice, made daily deposits of less than $10,000,” writes Rick Ungar on Forbes.

“Despite the fact that there have been absolutely no criminal charges—or, for that matter, any indication that the company was involved in anything other than selling candy and cigarettes to retailers, the IRS has refused to give back the money. No criminal charges filed…no trial or conviction for some nefarious activity..nothing.”

“Instead of immediately returning the money to the innocent business, what do you imagine the IRS did?”

“They offered up a partial settlement.”

“How does that not have the odor of extortion?”

“The IRS ‘accidentally’ takes your money and when you ask for it back, they try to keep a portion of it.” (Forbes)

That’s kind of how it goes over. In fact, civil asset forfeiture extends to people getting their cars stolen by government as well, but that’s beside the point. For right now, just know that people are realizing that the IRS steals from us, and that crap is getting way more blatant than it already was. People are waking up to what’s really going on here.

Regardless of whether it is legal or not; it’s wrong. It’s egregiously wrong. It’s so blatantly and obviously wrong that it shows the man behind the curtain. And we Libertarians are here to say: Yes. The IRS steals from us. We’ve been telling you this from the beginning.

You may want to look into Paul’s FAIR Act here. Spread the message. Send us a tweet or let us know on Facebook of any other “civil asset forfeiture” horror stories.

Written by Bryan Smith



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