How Sentencing Reform Will Become A Reality Through This Unlikely Union

How Sentencing Reform Will Become A Reality Through This Unlikely Union

They may disagree on several political points; however recently, these two have teamed up with a common goal in mind. In an effort to achieve sentencing reform, Sens. Rand Paul and Cory Booker have put aside their differences, and have committed to working together for the sake of improving outdated sentencing laws.

Paul and Booker have been working together to push forward a sentencing reform bill, known as the REDEEM Act. The premise behind the REDEEM Act will fully reform old mandatory sentencing procedures, and improve the life of non-violent criminals who are introduced back into society. Through changing the way that non-violent criminals are being sentenced, re-entry into society will lead to individuals being given an opportunity to become productive members of a functioning society.

Paul and Booker recently spoke out about their new partnership in fighting for a better criminal system at a forum, hosted by the Sullivan University. They both point to their teaming up together as”proof that the country is ready to reform what has become an inadvertently racist criminal justice system”(SFGate). The American prison system has been widely known to hold the highest number of minority criminals behind bars, with the majority of minorities being incarcerated for non-violent drug related offenses.

Not only will reforming the American criminal system reduce incarcerated drug offense criminals, it’ll also reduce state and federal financial obligations, and improve opportunities for those individuals who made a poor choice early on in life. By improving opportunities for recently released non-violent criminals, financial burdens are also reduced on a community level.

In a recent study performed by the Vera Institute, data showed that each prisoner has a financial burden that falls just under $170,000 per year, and that number is climbing. Therefore, by reversing mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, financial budgets can be greatly reduced. This can open up funds that can be used in better places, such as social programs, or the education system.

The greatest advantage of Paul and Booker’s sentencing reform will come through improved opportunities. By allowing juveniles to have criminal records sealed, and allowing adults to file to have their criminal records expunged, they will have a higher opportunity of gaining employment. This in turn will reduce the financial cost of non-workers within a community, and prevent the desperation that leads many ex-criminals back into a life of crime. Should non-violent criminals get a 2nd chance? Tweet us or comment below!

Written by JD Duvall

WATCH: Sens. Booker & Paul Discuss REDEEM Act At Sullivan University Forum
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