How Rand Paul’s Still Winning Despite Low Polls

How Rand Paul’s Still Winning Despite Low Polls

Is Rand Paul’s campaign in trouble? The headlines haven’t been optimistic and neither are the low polls. Fund-raising has been lackluster. Quiet things have been showing up more frequently like news outlets dropping Paul from “most interesting” to “once serious contender” as noted by a visit to Iowa this weekend. (Video below.) Even Ron Paul wasn’t quick to name his son as one of the two top candidates for 2016 during a recent appearance.

WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul’s Visit To Davenport

What went wrong?

Paul was once ‘one of the most shiniest objects in American politics’, says one expert.

“Rand Paul is a creature of the new. He presented himself as someone outside of the box and going to run his campaign in a different way,” said Al Cross, a former political journalist who now teaches at the University of Kentucky. “Now there are all these other candidates who all making that same argument and some doing it better.” (Boston Globe)

Professional explainers” say it’s because Rand Paul is unwilling to compromise for big donors. Or perhaps he’s struggling to define himself in an overwhelming field of presidential candidates.

Are the naysayers right and this is the end? I prefer to look at it from the perspective of political rockstar former Rep. J.C. Watts:

Football games are not won in one quarter neither are Presidential elections.

Rand Paul’s campaign may appear to be lagging, but the core is still there. He may not be making as much noise or being as ridiculous as Donald Trump but he’s worked hard for a purpose, not hype. It’s all about the “long game” as his staff puts it.

Kelefa Sannaeh of The New Yorker backs this by saying that:

Even as his campaign struggles, many of his issues are doing surprisingly well—in fact, that’s a big part of the reason why Paul has struggled to define himself. The formerly indomitable Ex-Im bank has been vanquished, though perhaps it will return in another form; the N.S.A. has been reformed, though lightly; a “diplomatic solution” seems imminent in Iran, though of course people disagree about its effectiveness; criminal-justice reform has bipartisan momentum, though it may yet meet with resistance; politicians wishing to hamper companies like Uber are meeting stiff resistance, though they will keep trying. These are all tentative, partial, and temporary victories—but then, politics rarely offers any other kind.

Rand Paul is struggling in the polls, but Paulism looks pretty healthy.

Paul isn’t pulling back either because of the low polls. I hear reports that he’s still prepping to go up against The Trump. What do you think? Will Rand Paul’s campaign pick up again? Send us a tweet or comment below.

Written by Sadako
(Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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