How Rand Paul Rocked The First GOP Debate

How Rand Paul Rocked The First GOP Debate

As expected, the first Republican debate turned into a Donald Trump ego fest, and a healthy dose of common sense from Rand Paul. In-between sparring with big name lowbrows like Trump and Christie, Paul managed to showcase his down to earth style and fierce loyalty to the Constitution.

This first Republican debate can be characterized by characters. This early in the campaign, presidential hopefuls have to fight to stand above the crowd and differentiate themselves. Some do this through sheer force of ego, while others do it by toeing the safe old guard Republican line, and men like Senator Paul do it through honesty and forthright convictions.

While difficult to summarize in a few short paragraphs, the debate has cemented important distinctions in the public’s mindset. Trump is simply a parody of a serious candidate, and according to Paul, is hedging his bets on Hillary. Christie shows himself to be a Republican in a densely populated liberal state. You have to wonder what kind of Republican could sleep at night with the sort of gun laws New Jersey has. However, for the most part it was annoyingly partisan politics as usual, with most candidates racing to the bottom to try and prove that they were the most conservative of them all.

Enter Rand Paul. Paul prefers to race to the top, and lambasted the more absurd moments on stage. Calling out Trump’s two faced politics, Christie’s support for NSA spying, with Paul claiming Christie “fundamentally misunderstand(s) the Bill of Rights.” During the debate, Paul was willing to take on Trump, and remind the public that the Republican party is not dominated by a man with funny hair and a building with his name on it. Instead, the Republican party is still the party of small, responsible government and individual freedoms.

WATCH: Rand Paul Highlights From The First GOP Debate

If I had to sum up the first Republican debate, I would call it David vs Goliath. Trump has tried to seize control of the race to stroke his ego, and has managed to dominate the Republican campaign for the moment. But Paul simply keeps putting rocks in his slingshot and going about bringing Goliath to his knees. The Republican campaign has already shaped up to be a fight between hyper conservatives, old guard Republicans who only care to retain power, and Rand Paul, fighting the good fight to defend American values and liberties. Now the entire nation has seen that Paul will not be overshadowed by money and party connections, but instead steps into the light of the Constitution and continues his fight to take back America from big government. What did you make of the whole thing? Did Paul kick butt and take names? Can he overcome the insanity and greed permeating the GOP? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman



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