How Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Could Doom Kentucky Jobs

How Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Could Doom Kentucky Jobs

President Barack Obama has a ‘conflict of interest’ when it comes to nominating the successor of the now dead Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

According to Paul, the President has too many of his own policies up for question before the Supreme Court, making this an obvious conflict of interest.

Paul said the following on the debate surrounding Antonin Scalia’s replacement:

“It’s going to be very, very, very difficult to get me to vote for a presidential nomination from this president. I will look at it if it comes down, but my threshold for voting for somebody is going to be very, very high.” (ThinkProgress)

Legally Obama Can Appoint A New Supreme Court Justice, But…

Granted, Obama does have the legal right to nominate a new justice. However, this is normally done with the Senate’s advice and counsel.

In fact, about 25% of the time Supreme Court justices have been named by a U.S. president without a confirmation hearing, noted Paul, making this issue even more fragile.

Nominating his own man to be the Supreme Court justice could help push several of Obama’s policies through the courts as he sees fit. One of the plans that Obama is likely to try to push through the new justice is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative called the Clean Power Plan.

According to Paul, this plan would be detrimental to the coal industry. The Senator is also worried that whoever Obama appoints would continue the trend that has already caused 10,000 coal miners in his state to lose their jobs.

Paul made a statement earlier in February on this, saying that Obama and the EPA have been ‘dead set on destroying Kentucky’s coal industry’:

“They have continued to impose outrageous and suffocating regulations upon one of Kentucky’s most important industries while ignoring the negative consequences for our coal miners and their families.”

Is there a ‘conflict of interest’? Share your opinion with us over Antonin Scalia’s replacement in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to visit our Twitter and Facebook pages to show your support for Rand Paul in his Senate race!

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